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best of the BEST

omg best of the best was wayyy more exhausting than spring fest . them damn Jamaican artist are toooo much . i mean the artist at spring fest was like too much but times that 1000 and thats how demarco , shabba , and a couple more were. i swear they want everything to be there way . but that concert was fun too . my favorite performance was the marley’s . when damien marley got out of the limo i swore he was my dad . i was lyk wth !!. ill post some pixx of him up later also . i love him . and shabba - ohh man he cld carry on . he performed with his old ass . lmao !!. my old singing coach also performed with him - it was sooo fricken weird to see her up there , but i know she always sused to talk about doing shows and how she wanted to be a singer , im happy for her - i have to find her number and call her and tell her i seen her ass . i was tryna wait for her backstage but i think she went over to VIP section and my feet was hurting so i wasnt about to walk all the way over there. 

&& the McGregor’s - idk which one his is , but he was sooo fckn cuteeee mann !!!. i need to find him tonight !. 

but i had soooo much fun man - i was also supposed to be helping with the celebrity soccer game miami v. new york , but im tired and i dnt wanna drive all that way , soo im gunna help YLP with the party . and ill jst see all of them there !!. cnt wait !!. 

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